lunedì, settembre 21, 2009 - Together again - Valentina+Silvia

Here're Valentina and Silvia in my review again with soft silky soles and stunning female feet! Feast your eyes on the perfect curve of their ankles and calves as they're lying on the bed together interknitting their legs.

We are now one of the few foot fetish and pantyhose fetish sites that offer stunning HD foot and pantyhose photos and videos to our members! You truly get what you pay for here!

piedi-velati-silviavalentina-camera0103 piedi-velati-silviavalentina-camera0108 piedi-velati-silviavalentina-camera0110 piedi-velati-silviavalentina-camera0111 piedi-velati-silviavalentina-camera0113

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